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"Serving with Patriotism"

Troubled with worry for her brother in the military, Suzanne walked the shoreline, so very distant from him, and found a sand dollar. It is said that if its shell is cracked, five tiny white doves inside would be set free to spread peace.


The sea urchin's shell, indeed, was cracked and as she picked it up, the tiny doves took flight and she knew her brother would be safe.

"Skies of Venus"

Even though the skies of Venus radiated in their celebrity as the brightest planet in the solar system, Angelica, at 47, like her beloved illuminated planet, affected her personal attributes years in the making, of intellect, creativity and stewardship to a lifelong commitment of capturing a professorship as Youth Steward at the ivy league college. She repeated "don't give up, don't give up" often. The struggle with her doubt loomed heavy in her heart, until alas, on the last day of hope, the promotion was awarded to her.


The illustrious accomplishment was as if Venus, herself, witnessed the brightest moment of Angelica's own universe.


MORAL: Despite our youthful challenges and lessons, the illumination of a life can still shine brilliantly, even if a lifetime later.


When Emily and John, despite their disabilities, navigated precarious, nearly unpaved paths in the mountains for their 5K charity event, they recanted the courage and determination our pioneers must have had while trekking across our entire country to settle the west.


As they spoke words of encouragement to each other, they began to conquer their pain - driving them onward to the finish line.


Em and John paid homage to those immigrants who struggled to realize their vision of a new life. At the same time, they felt humility in their own contribution toward the research for a cure.

"Pennies from Heaven"

Gladys and Phyllis lost their Dad on Cape Cod one year. Jim, a local  collector valued Dad's coins at $48,000 in his shop!  Glad smiled but Phyl broke down. She said the bank was foreclosing on her house.


Glad embraced her sister saying "Dad sent you his help!" Like when he gave us pennies to buy candy when Santa didn't come. She lamented, "Daddy taught us to be grateful for ALL our blessings, Phyl, especially the sisterly love we share."


Then a tattered little boy came in. Phyllis handed him a dollar and said "Pennies from Heaven. Buy some candy for yourself." He smiled widely, while the sisters whispered "Thank you Daddy." They wiped their tears.


Then Phyllis asked of Gladys "Is this paying it forward, Sis?"

"Life"s Rearview"

When the marine layer parted by strong winds as Tom rode the PCH, he recounted as a child, he lost his big blue kite. It crushed his young spirit; until his Dad bought him a bigger one with a longer tale and thicker string. He smiled broadly at the vision of his young grandson flying that same kite in the summer. 


Sometimes, loss can be a founding!

"Sheaf of Spirit Stone"

Despite the Dark of the Moon, but within the spirit of her uncle, the Cherokee nation's Chief Cornstalk, Abby held the spirit stone, resolving to win accolades from her tribal cousin, Jon, through her unyielding belief in the hope of neutrality for her nation and her native family,


so far away across the continent.

"Lucky Broken Heart?"

Anita looked at her sad sister Hope and said, as she reached for her hand,  "remember when you believed your life was hopeless when your heart got broken?


And then you found that broken heart-shaped blue and yellow stone in the playground and cherished it since then? 


Well, just look at your wonderful Ted and beautiful kids and your nearly flawless life, Sis, and how very fortunate you are now.


Maybe it took almost a lifetime, Hope, but the stone - it turned lucky for you in the end.


The moral here: Stand Strong.