NiveK Productions

"Dream to Screen"


NiveK Productions was founded in 1995 with a mantra of leaving audiences in thoughtful reflection.

NP launched with BOLD Spirit, a romance drama based on true events lived by its author, followed by the sequel, SECRET LOVE and the very popular narratives IF I BELIEVE, FORBIDDEN💔, and LOVE LETTER. Enhanced with a host of freelance works - STORY STONES BY AE - a collection of bedtime lullings for our children and life quips for adults, NP has continued to be its viewers' favorite muse.

Our exciting newest feature, NiveKNews, is a weekly audible delivery of the latest at the studio and spotlights NiveK Productions' imprint in the industry, a "Saturday Sparks" segment which focuses on vital data for viewers and the NiveK Theatre's "Now Playing" promo - all hosted on a dedicated Channel - the launch platform of the works of WEB MINI SERIES 2017 and its coming attractions. 

The avant-garde SERIES 2017, from our Mini Writers' Room, offers bold creativity on a mashable vanguard platform assembling episodic tales, relevant chronicles and substantive mini documentaries engaging our audience in a unique visionary and audible experience, while making a distinctive contribution to both storytelling styles and the information delivery movement.

MIDNIGHT WOODS, the first in the "Suspense Collection", debuted as thirteen weekly episodes of an original twisted mystery. Uniquely absent actors, it presented a hint of film noir, a taste of old Hollywood, and an ex-machina influence that vigorously piqued the senses, together with an image system which coerced the subconscious to look beyond, on a far more expansive thought canvas. Viewers, using their astute senses and watchful eye for clues, are invited to be interactive and play the masterful role of "Sherlock" to solve this whodunit cliffhanger.

MIDNIGHT WOODS, Seasons One and Two, in their entirety, are archived but on demand at the top of the site. SEASON THREE is slated for premiering on June 13, 2020.

KOJI AND KAIKO, AFTER THE TSUNAMI, our heartwarming holiday special quartet for children - capturing their souls with promise and hope, in its entirety, is also archived but on demand, at the top of the site.







Nan Schuler, Founder/Transmedia Producer