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NiveK Productions was founded in 1995 with a mantra of leaving audiences in thoughtful reflection.

We premiered with our flagship "BOLD Spirit", a romance drama, inspired by true events, and later recognized at the Toronto 2014 WILDsound Writing Festival and in 2017 as Thriller Feature Film Logline of the Year and best of the year to read, with an invitation for professionals to perform the best scene. Auteur/Founder Nan Schuler then followed with the sequel ensemble IF I BELIEVE ---LOVE IS EVERYTHING, FORBIDDEN💔, and LOVE LETTER.¬† Other works at our rollout were a host of freelance writings - STORYSTONES BY AE - a collection of bedtime lullings for children and life quips for adults. NiveK continues to be its viewers' favorite muse.

In 2017, our avant-garde umbrella project, WEB MINI SERIES 2017 featured outstanding intrepid creativity from our Mini Writers' Room on a mashable vanguard platform assembling episodic tales, relevant chronicles and substantive documentaries engaging our audience in a unique visionary audible experience, while making a distinctive contribution to storytelling and the information delivery movement. SERIES 2017 is hosted on our dedicated NiveK Channel in full screen, live and on-demand at the NiveK Theater - the launch platform of NiveK's narrated works AND is spotlighted at Linkedin on our NiveK Productions' feature page.

MIDNIGHT WOODS, debuted in the summer of 2018 as the first in our Suspense Collection, and is an original twwisted mystery with a hint of real-life crime drama in SERIES 2017. Uniquely absent actors, it presents a hint of film noir, a taste of old Hollywood, and an ex-machina influence that vigorously piques the senses, together with an image system which coerces the subconscious to look beyond, on a far more expansive thought canvas. Viewers, using their astute senses and watchful eye for clues, are invited to be interactive and play the masterful role of "Sherlock" to solve this whodunit cliffhanger episodic serial MIDNIGHT WOODS. Season Four, TBA, will, perhaps, delineate one of the mysteries surrounding its "star". Stay tuned.ūüė≤

NIVEK NEWS, our exciting intro feature, was introduced in November 2018 as a weekly audible delivery of the latest at the studio, and features upcoming young "stars," endorsed by Linkedin and from various fields of study are highlighted in our Expert Advice Column, and our "Saturday Sparks" segment focuses on vital data and clues for viewers of our SERIES 2017 Collections.

KOJI AND KAIKO, AFTER THE TSUNAMI, the 2018 heartwarming holiday special quartet for children - capturing the dreams, hearts and souls of Japanese twins, also featured on the YoutubeKids, induces promise and hope, and alongside best friend Jonwyatt, despite their tragedies and despair, the kids are a  favorite among our young viewers - and a testament to the resilence of young lives.

WAYA, our  powerful 2019 holiday special documentary exposing the alarming and urgent state of the impending loss of wildlife and how our fragile planet has become -  sadly, a predictable failure of humanity. 

POP-UPS, our Fall 2020 shortform video series showcases impromptu quirky shorts filled with surprise, querie and delight - on the lighter side of life for "streamers on the go". TUNE IN OFTEN TO... CATCH EM!

IF I BELIEVE... LOVE IS EVERYTHING, premiered in November 2020, is the prelude to the powerful, sobering "BOLD Spirit" rebirth and timelessly reflects the dynamics of love between the world's peoples, from Greek mythology into the 21st century. Please note that "BOLD" has been archived where it will remain in suspended abstention.