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Chinese Metaphysics - March 2021- "Innermost Sincerity"

"In all that we do this month it is important that our words and actions come from the heart, not our ego. It is important to try to connect with others on a heart to heart level this month. The ancient wisdom of this hexagram says that with joy, humility, innermost sincerity, and trustworthiness one is able to transform a country. May these be our guiding principles this month in all of our interactions with others."

The Rebirth of "BOLD Spirit"


January 2021


I am the author. I am Avia Eliot and this is the experience I've lived, with a stranger, since 1995.

With such passion and mystery, I was forced to step outside of myself to gain understanding of what was happening e v e r y single day, everywhere, incessantly!

I thought my life as "haunted".

Though many years had passed, the vivid palpable perplexity remained surrounding this stranger. Unknowingly, a poignant fire had sparked inside me and time was stoking it.

In a weary, reflective moment of anxious melancholy, to bring to fruition, the “unfinished business” of this distant past conjuncture, I moved to capture the person who inspired BOLD.

And so, I delivered the explicit story of this inquisition, together with an appeal for a conclusion. Undeniably, this dichotomy had segued from an alarming chronology into a daring romantic inclination. And since I was unknown, I felt logically confident - it wouldn't be difficult for the stranger to deliver. I trusted there would be nothing more than an accommodating acknowledgement and interpretation of the facts - culminating in a definitive communication through which - a swan song would emerge. 

Now, at this time, as I relive this extraordinary involvement, I'm feeling daunted, again, but the compelling need for imminent finality, albeit closure or promise, is my tenacious drive - a quarter century from its inception.

What was the purpose of this surreal impact, so long ago, and why has it sustained itself for decades? Will the stranger input? Or will I, alone, write the terminus? 

..coming Saturday, March 13th...

26 years ago on this date in 1995, the eyes of Avia Eliot met the smile of Eamon Morgan.

NiveK Productions was founded in 1995 with a mantra of leaving audiences in thoughtful reflection.


NiveK launched with our flagship BOLD Spirit, a romance drama inspired by true events, followed by the sequel ensemble SECRET LOVE, LOVE LETTER, FORBIDDEN💔, and IF I BELIEVE.....LOVE IS EVERYTHING.  Other works at our roll out were a host of freelance writings - STORY STONES BY AE - a collection of bedtime lullings for children and life quips for adults. NiveK continues to be its viewers' favorite muse.

Our exciting intro feature, NiveKNews, was introduced in 2020 as a weekly audible delivery of the latest at the studio, and features up and coming young "stars" in various fields of study in our Expert Advice Column together with the current topic in our sister Transmedia Creators Group, both at Linkedin; as well as NiveK Productions' imprint in the industry, a "Saturday Sparks" segment which focuses on vital data and clues for viewers of our Suspense Collection in the NiveK Theater - all hosted on our NiveK Channel - the launch platform of the narrated works of WEB MINI SERIES 2017

The avant-garde SERIES 2017, from our Mini Writers' Room, offers bold creativity on a mashable vanguard platform assembling episodic tales, relevant chronicles and substantive documentaries engaging our audience in a unique visionary audible experience, while making a distinctive contribution to storytelling and the information delivery movement.

MIDNIGHT WOODS, the first in our Suspense Collection,  is an original twwisted mystery with a hint of real-life crime drama debuted in summer 2018 in the touted Series 2017. Uniquely absent actors, it presents a hint of film noir, a taste of old Hollywood, and an ex-machina influence that vigorously piques the senses, together with an image system which coerces the subconscious to look beyond, on a far more expansive thought canvas. Viewers, using their astute senses and watchful eye for clues, are invited to be interactive and play the masterful role of "Sherlock" to solve this whodunit cliffhanger. MIDNIGHT WOODS, 2018's Season One , 2019's Season Two,  and  2020's Season Three cliffhanger climax are archived but on demand at the top of the site. 

KOJI AND KAIKO, AFTER THE TSUNAMI, the 2018 heartwarming holiday special quartet for children - capturing their souls with promise and hope, is showcased in NiveK's premier shortform video weekly series "PopUps" and is on demand here.

WAYA, our 2019 holiday special documentary exposing the alarming and urgent state of the impending loss of wildlife and our fragile planet has become, it seems, a predictable failure of humanity. WAYA is on demand here.

POP-UPS, our 2020 weekly feature - a shortform video series showcases many of our earlier works inclusive of the StoryStones collection for kids and adults, together with the 2018 holiday special for children - Koji and Kaiko, are on-demand here.

IF I BELIEVE... LOVE IS EVERYTHING is the prelude signaling the anticipated rebirth of NiveK's launch - the 1995 based-on-true-events signature "BOLD Spirit". After a twenty-five year inquisition, the unwritten Act III finale of this tender mysterious love story of strangers, is evolving.